Deal with Depression

Dealing with depression

If you’re struggling with depression, you’ve probably had someone say to you ‘snap out of it, tomorrow’s another day’, or something similar. But as you well know, depression is not a choice, it’s more than ‘low mood’ or ‘feeling unhappy’ and it can have a huge impact on your life, your work and on your personal relationships.

You may be experiencing symptoms such as:

  • feeling of hopelessness
  • constant tiredness
  • changes in appetite
  • gaining or losing weight
  • changes in your sleep pattern
  • lack of energy
  • low self esteem
  • loss of interest in activities

You may be aware of a situation that triggered the depression, perhaps a bereavement, job loss, change in family circumstances, or it may have seem to have come from nowhere.

The good news is that the techniques I use can help you process negative emotions, swap negative thought patterns and unhealthy habits for more positive ones that fit in with your own way of thinking and help you move your life forward in the direction you want to go. With the use of techniques such as Hypnotherapy and EFT, your unconscious mind will also have the opportunity to comfortably release any suppressed memories and emotions that have been negatively affecting you until now.

I will also work with you, through our sessions, to ensure you create your own tool kit of coping strategies for the future, giving you the confidence to deal with any ‘bumps in the road’ going forward.

Although things may seem very difficult now, there is help for you and reaching out for an initial consultation, can be the start of that process of change, leading you to a happier, brighter future

Take advantage of your free 1hr initial consultation and start creating your own Brighter Life right now!

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