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Overcome Anxiety

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Anxiety is something everyone experiences at times and can be a very natural reaction in certain situations. Problems with anxiety arise when it becomes unmanageable and tips over into constant or overwhelming feelings that stop you getting on and enjoying life in the way you want to. You may be fully aware that your feelings are out of proportion but you’re unable to do anything about it. Along with physical symptoms such as a racing heart, shortness of breath, IBS and feeling sick, you may have psychological symptoms such as:

  • a feeling of dread
  • irritability
  • a desire to repeatedly check things
  • constant worrying
  • frequently seeking reassurance from others
  • inability to make decisions
  • poor memory
  • lack of concentration

For some people, anxiety is triggered by a specific event or circumstance and you often end up trying to avoid those triggering situations. Other people have no conscious idea of what’s causing their anxiety and this is often termed ‘generalised anxiety’. Consciously trying to ‘think’ ourselves out of anxiety can be extremely difficult and that’s because what we focus on tends to just become bigger and bigger in our minds, so trying to ‘think our way’ out of anxiety can simply lead to greater anxiety.

Whatever you’re experiencing, the good news is that the combination of techniques I use can be very effective in helping you feel calmer and more in control. These techniques can bring about change in both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, freeing you from debilitating symptoms and helping you to experience lasting positive change in your life. Through our sessions, we will also work to equip you with a toolkit, enabling you to confidently deal with any ‘bumps in the road’ going forward.

So if you would like overcome, or manage, the debilitating effects of anxiety and regain control of your life, please give me a call on 07952 601296 or click on the link below to send me a message and start the process of change today.

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