Nail Biting


Stop biting your nails and feel proud of your hands with this carefully designed hypnosis recording.

With regular use, this recording can help you overcome your nail biting habit and establish healthier ways to deal with the stress/tension/boredom that created the habit in the first place. Feel good about yourself and proud of hands that look healthy and well cared you.

This recording is suitable for anyone who is fed up biting their nails but doesn’t know how to stop the habit, perhaps you think you can’t stop……this hypnosis recording can help you.

By listening to this recording regularly you can look forward to leaving nail biting in the past and move forward enjoying healthy, clean, smooth hands.

For best results, listen to this recording regularly, ideally daily for the first few days, then reducing to every other day as you see you nails growing.

You’ll have the opportunity to return to full awareness at the end of the recording and to enjoy the rest of your day confident the old nail biting habit is a thing of the past and you’ll very soon be enjoying your clean, healthy, smooth hands.

Listen to an audio snippet…