Stop Smoking

Time to quit smoking

There is no better time to Stop Smoking. Taking responsibility for our own health is more important than ever and the techniques I use can help you do that. You’re probably reading this because you know you want to stop, but you’re not sure how to. Perhaps it feels like cigarettes have been like a friend, always there when you’re stressed, tired or need a break and it seems scary not to have them in your life anymore. 

The majority of clients who come to me to stop smoking, tell me afterwards that it feels almost as though they’ve never smoked. This is because smoking is actually a psychological addiction and my combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT and Cognitive Change can be very effective in helping you stop permanently and giving you that feeling as if you’ve never smoked.

Because you already want to Stop Smoking, one session is all you need to overcome the old habit for good. You will have made associations with smoking, whether they’re emotional (stress & anxiety) or physical (having a cigarette after a meal or with a drink) and the techniques I use can help you break those associations. This allows you to feel really good about being a non smoker and after the session, clients often say they feel as though ‘they’ve never smoked’. We will work to remove the fear of stopping smoking and deal with any concerns around weight gain as a non smoker as well.

What to expect:

  • You can expect the session to help you stop smoking immediately
  • The session lasts a minimum of 90 mins but you should allow 2 hours (no initial consultation needed)
  • Most clients stop smoking in one session, however, included in the session cost, is a further appointment in the following 6 months, should it be required
  • You will receive a personally recorded MP3 file after the session
  • The cost is £189 – less than the cost of smoking 20/day, for 3 weeks

So if you’re ready to free yourself from the guilt that comes with being a smoker, if you’re ready to feel great, both physically and mentally as a non smoker, get in touch now and take the first step towards a Smoke Free Life and a Brighter Life.

No therapist can make you do something you don’t want to do – so if you think you should stop, but haven’t yet fully committed to that decision, you may want to have a chat with me first. You don’t need to know ‘how’ it’s going to happen but you do need to ‘want’ to stop for these techniques to be effective in the long term.

Take advantage of your free 1hr initial consultation and start creating your own Brighter Life right now!