What to expect from working with me

I offer all clients a free 60 minute initial consultation, giving you the opportunity to tell me more about what you’re looking to achieve and it also gives you the chance to ensure you feel comfortable with me. Rapport is key when using these techniques, the more open and relaxed you are, the more easily we can work together to help you achieve your positive goals. This initial session also gives me the chance to explain more about the techniques and which ones may be the most appropriate for you. I will also give you an idea of how many sessions you require, this will be a ballpark figure as we are all individual and make change at our own pace. There is no obligation from this session and I will leave it to you to contact me should you wish to go ahead and book another appointment.

When you decide to start the process of change, I generally suggest booking the first 2 sessions no more than 7 to 10 days apart. This really kickstarts the process and can allow you to see positive change very quickly. We will then assess the appropriate gap for sessions moving forward; I don’t work with all clients on a weekly basis, but may well ask you to focus on certain areas between sessions and where appropriate, ask you to listen to a personally recorded MP3 which will complement and reinforce the work we do together.

We will evaluate your progress together at each session, both to ensure you’re seeing the progress you’re looking for and it enables us to deal with any unexpected issues that may come up along the way. You can be sure that I have a solution focused approach and will work to help you achieve your goal in the minimum number of sessions.

Take advantage of your free 1hr initial consultation and start creating your own Brighter Life right now!

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